Eating as education

So, they decided to serve chocolate milk at my son’s elementary school again. They’d stopped. But now they’re at it again. The reason? Kids didn’t like the regular milk as much.

I get it. Kids are picky. I know all about that. I used to be one. I was picky. And I’m raising four of them, all of which are picky eaters in one way or another.

But everything that takes place at school is educating our kids, including what is offered to them for breakfast and lunch. Whether we like it or not, everything that goes on in the school building has the stamp of approval of the school on it, including the eating of bad food.

With obesity levels far beyond what they should be, we need to take the educational responsibility of teaching nutrition in the most practical way possible: by serving excellent and nutritious food at every meal served on school grounds. This includes classroom parties.

Currently, my kids bring home candy from classroom sanctioned events every single month of the school year. How much nutritional food is offered at them? None. Not a single fruit or carrot to be found.

All of this is education. Even the parties. So, until we take that to heart, we will have an obesity issue.

And no, this is not government meddling where it shouldn’t. I don’t think we should monitor what foods parents send to school with their kids. That’s up to them. But we should monitor what foods schools provide for kids while at school.