Errors about Creation = Errors about God

“Any error about creation also leads to an error about God.” -Thomas Aquinas

If God is the Creator, then thinking badly about and acting badly toward his creation is directly related with thinking badly about him and acting badly toward him, for the Creator is related to the creation.If we believe that the creation exists around us merely to be used by us, then might it not also be true that we live and act and pray and worship as if God exists merely to be used by us as well?

If we believe, as many ancients did, that the creation is a wild and chaotic and terrible and unknowable thing around us that we need flee from into our safe and orderly cities, might we also believe the same of God and likewise flee from him? By the way, it’s not just the ancients who believed this. Most city-dweller do, too. How many city-dwellers spend real time in the wild? Mostly, time is spent in houses and on paved roads, those life-lines of civilization.

What other errors about creation are we currently making right now? How are they affecting the way we approach God?

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