In a world against things, what are you for?

As our presidential election cycle continues to heat up (way too early!), I’m reminded of the challenge a friend of mine posed on Facebook last time around, a challenge that went mostly unanswered.

He asked his many Facebook friends to say positive things about the candidate they favored, without resorting to negatives about the candidates they rejected. Usually, this friend gets numerous comments to his posts, but not this time. His friends had little positive to say about their candidates. All they had to say were negatives about their opponents.

It’s a sign of sickness when we have only negatives to say and no positives, when we are against more things than we’re for.

So, leaving national politics aside, I’m going to spend some time reflecting on the things that I’m in favor of, leaving all negatives aside for now.

Things I love include:

Worship, where God is truly praised and hearts are lifted up and offered to him without reservation.

Reading, where good books are soaked in and enjoyed, where worlds are experienced, stories relished in, ideas explored, words played with, and emotions engaged.

Playing games, where intellect is challenged, laughter is spread, and friendship enjoyed.

Drinking beverages, where hoppy ales, savory coffees, rich wines, tangy teas, and refreshing glasses of water are imbibed.

Cozy beds, where sleep comes quickly, marriage enjoyed, children are welcomed, and chill mornings are warmly held at bay.

Music, where our ears thrill to melodies and harmonies and rhythms both soft and explosive.

Art, where creativity and beauty are explored and where our view of the world is expanded through engagement with physical metaphors.

Sports, where mind and body become one in action, where physical ability is thrilled in, and where character is formed and revealed.

Education, where the mind is engaged, the heart enflamed, and actions launched.

Meals, where food abounds in colors and flavors and scents that enliven the senses and provide opportunity for community to be formed or renewed.

Conversations, where time passes in a blink and deeper connections are forged.

Block parties, where neighbors do more than live next to each other, but come to enjoy each other.

Holidays, where family and friends gather from far distances to renew and enjoy bonds of love.

Beautiful technology, where each part is well-designed and does its job with economy, functioning well within its system.

Long walks, where mountains are climbed, forests are meandered through, rivers are wandered along, with conversations and prayers woven throughout.

Exercise, where the body is pushed to limits in ways that make me feel like I’m stronger and more alive when I’m done.

Speed, where cars strain, bodies run, and rollercoasters rattle as I’m hurtled just this side of safe with an exhilarating rush.

Natural beauty, where crashing ocean beaches, lapping lake shores, rising mountain peaks, spreading fields of wildflowers, gathering thunderheads, drifting snowflakes, pounding herds, leaping salmon, and the endless black behind starry skies draw me into the mystery of creation and our Creator.

Laughter, where jokes both appropriate and not reveal the absurdities of the human condition and where word play both clever and cringe-worthy is delighted in.

I could go on. But now it’s your turn. How about you adding to the list in the comments below?