What lies do I believe about God?

I believe a lot things about God. I have two theological degrees and a library of several thousand theological books. And yet when it comes down to the way I live, I find my theology lacking.

I don’t have holes in my theology. It’s worse. I believe lies.

Yes, I believe that God is great and powerful and yet the way I live my life betrays my disbelief in the greatness of God.

My worry betrays the lie that if I don’t do whatever needs doing, no one will. God won’t. I’m the glue holding my life together, not God.

My quest for approval from you and others betrays the lie that God is not truly glorious. If his opinion were the only one that truly matters, my fear of failure in the future and dishonesty about failure in the past wouldn’t shackle me.

My longing for satisfaction betrays the lie that God won’t provide when every good and perfect gift comes from our good Father.

My self-accusation and self-hatred when I blow it betrays the lie that God is not gracious when no sin I’ve committed can ever define me or keep me from him. My lack of forgiveness of others comes from the same lie.

And so it goes.

What are the lies you believe about God?

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