The difference just a few seconds makes 

Most of life is determined by just a few seconds here and there. Just a few seconds is usually the difference between success and failure, cleanliness and messiness, love and alienation.

Turning the light off as I leave the room.

Putting the dirty dishes in the dish washer instead of in the sink or just left on the table.

Saying thank you and please and I love you and I’m sorry, instead of staying silent.

Making the phone call now, instead of when I feel like it.

Hanging up my jacket, instead of draping it over a chair.

Hanging up my towel, instead of leaving it on the bathroom floor.

Sending a postcard to someone I consider a good friend.

Putting away the flour and other ingredients after I use them while cooking and wiping up as I go.

Paying the credit card bill on time.

Stopping and smelling the roses.

Setting the table and sitting down for a meal.



Saying hi to the neighbor across the street.

Sending a text message.

Organizing my desk each day.

Writing a to-do list.

Putting my clothes in the laundry hamper.

Putting the toothpaste away.

The list could go on and on, which is probably why I don’t put in those little bits of effort. But when I do, it’s amazing how much cleaner and happier and friendlier life is.

What are the things you need to put just a few more seconds into?