Thanks 10,000 times!!!

When I started blogging earlier this year, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for it. I’d write something and only one person would read it. But rather than being discouraged by that, I was actually encouraged.

I was actually writing on a regular basis, which was an accomplishment on its own. And people were actually reading what I was writing, even if those initial numbers could fit on one hand.

So, hitting 10,000 views today is a huge milestone for me. I’ve kept on writing and you’ve kept on reading.

Thanks for the encouragement, the likes, the comments, the views, and especially the shares. That “sharing is caring” slogan in no cliche. It’s true. My most-viewed posts are the result of people not just reading, but reposting.

So thank you for engaging with me over the past few months. I write for the sake of truth. But I also write for you, my tribe.

One last thing. The great composer Johan Sebastian Bach would write the letters SDG at the bottom of his musical compositions, most of which were written to be performed in church as part of worship. SDG is shorthand for soli Deo gloria, or “to God alone be the glory.” He wanted everything about his music to glorify God. I hope the same for my writing.