11,000 miles of thanks!


If I were to run around the United States, I’d cover 11,000 miles. Not being a runner, that sounds miserable to me. But being a writer, reaching 11,000 views today was wonderful.

I love writing, but I also love knowing that you’re reading. You keep me writing.

Long-distance runners talk about hitting a wall at some point in their races. Writers have our own walls, too. But where runners have to reach inside for the inspiration to keep going, I’ve got you. Really. Your engagement with my posts has been so motivating.

Thanks for the encouragement, the likes, the comments, the views, and especially the shares. That “sharing is caring” slogan in no cliché. It’s true. My most-viewed posts are the result of people not just reading, but reposting.

So, thank you for engaging with me over the past few months. I write in order to articulate truth, as I seek to integrate faith with life. But, again, I write for you, my tribe.

[P.S. Those 11,000 views don’t count my subscribers who get posts sent to your email inboxes, so the total is much higher. And even though your views “don’t count,” I love and am humbled by the fact that you trust me enough to subscribe to and read what I write. To subscribe, go to the About page on the blog site and enter your email address. You won’t get any political or advertising solicitations!]

[P.P.S. The majestic Johan Sebastian Bach would write the letters SDG at the bottom of his musical compositions, most of which were written to be played as part of worship. SDG is shorthand for soli Deo gloria, or “to God alone be the glory.” He wanted everything about his music to glorify God. I hope the same for my writing. SDG!]