Tired of myself

“I’m tired of myself.”

The words struck me as I listened to an interview with author Donald Miller several years ago on Oregon Public Broadcasting. Miller is a writer who explores faith through telling his own story. So, it’s stunning for a man who’s bread and butter is autobiography to say he’s tired of himself.

But nothing he said during the hour-long interview resonated with me more.

Like Miller, I’m a downright selfish person. I am always thinking about my own wants and needs and feelings. I am constantly evaluating everything by how much or how little I get out of it.

And I’m sick of it. I’m sick of me, but I’m sick of the inner monologue that repeats Me, Me, Me, Me, Me over and over again inside my head.

I’m tired of myself. I want to live for something much bigger.

I’m tired of myself. God, wake me up to you.