My soul is starving

My soul is starving. This North American way of life is feeding and over-feeding me in all the wrong ways.

Too much entertainment, not enough reflection.

Too much gossip, not enough prayer.

Too much ego, not enough community.

Too much eating, not enough fasting.

Too much wanting, not enough enjoying what I have.

Too much buying, not enough giving.

Too much fear, not enough hope.

Too much lust, not enough love.

Too much noise, not enough silence.

Too much talking, not enough listening.

Too much screen time, not enough face time.

Too much information, not enough wisdom.

Too much rushing, not enough resting.

Too much doing, not enough being.

Too much of me, not enough of God.

I need to go on a diet for the soul.

I need to reduce the toxins and increase the nourishment. Yes, this culture is feeding my soul badly, but I’m eating what it offers. My context may not be the best, but when have conditions ever been ideal? If my soul is to thrive, I need to put in the effort necessary to provide it with the nourishment and exercise it needs.

Too often, our culture’s response to soul starvation is to ditch everyone and head off alone. We go on vacations to vacate our lives. We don’t soak in holidays in community where we might feast on holiness. So, as I consider the diet my soul needs, I am consciously considering the role of community and worship in it.

I need long conversations accompanied by excellent beverages.

I need to play games that don’t involve screens with family and friends.

I need to read poetry and write some of my own.

I need to observe full sabbaths, with all their ceasing, resting, feasting, and celebrating.

I need to read books out loud.

I need to sing with gusto in the gathering of the saints.

I need to play my guitar, even if poorly.

I need to get my hands dirty cultivating the small piece of land I own.

I need to arrive early and stay late.

I need to ask questions I don’t have the answers for.

I need to pray throughout the day and with others.

I need to find one thing I own and give it away each day.

What does your soul need?